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Urban House Suriname

“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.”  Henry David Thoreau

Training for muscicians

9,10 & 12 February 

VMS building, Picorniestraat 4

Time: 5 pm -9 pm

Participation: 60 srd

about us


Every young citizen of Suriname should be able to develop self-reliance to become an active member of society, regardless of her or his background or circumstances. From a humanistic perspective, Urban House Suriname stimulates knowledge transfer, innovation and mobility for school-aged and drop-out youth, young entrepreneurs, designers and researchers, allowing them to obtain the necessary capacities and capabilities to live a happy and healthy life and become valued members of the community, fully equipped to access employment and to achieve their aspirations.


Urban House Suriname acts as the organization of reference for youth empowerment in Suriname in relation to the social, economic, cultural, and ecological opportunities and challenges of the country.

Urban House Suriname has two objectives:

• First, to offer young people a physical space in Paramaribo, where they can develop social and linguistic skills, as well as partake in artistic and entrepreneurial activities. This first objective was born from the idea to encourage active citizenship and provide easy access to a professional growth path that emerges from their interests.”

• Secondly, to create a mobile Urban House Suriname. Under the motto ‘If young people can’t come to Urban House Suriname, then we bring Urban House Suriname to the youth’, mobile programs are developed by the Urban House Suriname team to set up social, artistic, linguistic and entrepreneurial activities in various and disparate locations throughout Suriname.


Our mission is made concrete by three programs (University of Life, Coworking, and Career Support), in which empowerment and participation of young Surinamese citizens is the central focus. Urban House Suriname is a social-profit organization. This means that Urban House Suriname is run with partly profitable goals in order to grow and invest in its core values and function, extending its independence. In this way, we want to develop our own economic capital to realize our social goals. Our two programs (Coworking & Career Support) are launched on the market for the most reasonable price possible.

University of life

This Urban House Suriname program aims to involve young people in Suriname by offering linguistics, cultural, and artistic activities to create a positive impact on their self-development. This is achieved by using informal and non-formal formation. Non-formal formation can be seen as an organized formation process that takes place outside or in addition to the regular education system and that does not necessarily lead to certification.


The Coworking program of Urban House Suriname aims to encourage innovative young talents by offering a creative environment and supporting facilities. A work environment where ideas can be easily tested against those of coworkers, synergies may arise and new skills or ideas can be discovered. Sharing is the new giving after all. Strengthening an entrepreneurial culture and creating a broad platform for cooperation are the hallmarks of our Coworking program.

Career Support

This program of Urban House Suriname fosters the idea that all young people have unique skills, passions and talents. Through our workshops, training and mentoring we work together to find a match between the talents, passions and skills of these young people on the one hand, and the labor market needs, including entrepreneurial opportunities, on the other.


The Team

Effective Members

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Aline Dusabe


I’m Aline Dusabe, an African women who loves Belgium chocolate. I ‘m living in the greenest country of the world and got lost in its beauty and potential. I left my trusted environment and life for this massive and unique country. I have found myself by falling in love with Mama Sranan. I launched “Urban House Suriname” to bring color in the world through the voices and stories of young Surinamese people. Together with them I abandon beaten tracks.


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Odessa Majokko

My official name is Odessa Majokko; however MISI YABA is the name that really represent the woman that I am in today’s life. Misi Yaba is a strong Saamaka Marron mujee, who really loves and appreciates her culture. I highly value my personal cultural beliefs but also love it that we honor and cherish our collective cultural identity of Suriname. After living abroad for years, I moved back to live and work in our switi Sranan. My character can be described as a persistent, helpful, honest and sociable. One of the best decisions in my life was to return back home to my beloved country. Home Sweet Home.


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Avishka Jhinkoe

Everyone is equal to nature and has the right to welfare in the broadest sense of the word. Each person is unique and I believe that everyone is talented. However, not everyone is able to discover his/her talent and others are in an unfavorable position to develop their talent. It is an art to show resilience under all circumstances to finally overcome challenges in life. For me, Urban House is a platform to carry out the relationship from human-to-human.


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Sandrina Hunsel

My name is Sandrina Hunsel, I choose to live my life full of passion and love. By doing so I enjoy sharing my positive energy with others through life coaching and motivational speaking. Because of my low self esteem in the past I taught myself to find beauty in the little things and treat life with a grateful heart. I believe that strength comes from gratitude, because the beauty of life is inside of ourselves.


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Danitsja Hoost

I believe that love and coaching are key factors to help my fellow man in developing the capacity to be an active citizen. Everyone is full of talent but I believe this is expressed only when given the opportunity to make their voices heard. Therefore, it is not only my passion but even more my duty to offer people a helping hand on their journey to a happy life. Whatever their background or circumstances may be.


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Cherryl Elmont

I am Cherryl Elmont, a young dynamic woman with a passion for teaching. I do my work with full enthusiasm and am grateful for the meaningful interaction with my pupils. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to see how students grow during a school year and as a teacher, this provides me with a clear purpose. I take so much pleasure in seeing students develop themselves and this motivates me for the full 100 percent. In short: I want to make a significant contribution to the development of the youth of Suriname.


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Simone Weewee

Call me gentle, the woman of silent power with opinion, caring or maybe Miss Sympatica, the woman with a beautiful smile. Born from two proud Marron parents of Saamaka origin, I got the name Simone that means listener. I honor my name by always having a listening ear for others, to help them where I can and another step. This young Saamaka woman does not go out of the way and strikes straight to her goal with faith and full confidence in God the Almighty Creator.


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Jurgen Reguilio Mormon

I’m Jurgen Reguilio Mormon. Child of the colorful Caribbean Suriname, moved by the rhythm of the drums, the strings of the guitar, the diversity and similarities of our different cultures. My fantasies and ideas are brought to life through visionary creative energies that are driven by love.


Support Members

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Ruth Pijpers

I’m Ruth Pijpers. My motto: Sharing is caring. I share my knowledge, my love and my walk through the wonderful wild garden of Suriname an the world. As founder of  Body & Soul, I give courses, workshops, spiritual and physical development in the field of holistic therapy. For me, beauty is the infinite sum of the parts.


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Randy van Zichem

I’m Randy van Zichem, an ‘ala kondre’ product of and deeply rooted in the Surinamese soil.  My embodied knowledge contains the cultural, spiritual and intellectual heritage of Suriname. A richness which I share in an unique way with passion in all contexts in an ever changing world.



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