A Photo journal of Urban House Suriname à XL

Urban House Suriname à XL, it was more than just an event.  I came back to Suriname with my head filled with new ideas, creativity and positivity for Urban House Suriname. This event reminds me why I’m so proud of “la belle Bruxelles”. During my stay in the metropole, the capital of Europe, this vibrant colorful city greeted me from every direction.

New projects are coming soon, but first let’s look back together at the evening of 16 December 2016. We celebrated the launch of the website and presented the brand new team with close friends, interested stakeholders, international guests and the Matonge community, who all came together for a beautiful event with live music and magnificent African food. I couldn’t dream for more and felt overwhelmed with enthusiasm that night. Full of love. Full of light. Full of gratitude. Full of life.

Thank you to all the people for making this night so special.  Thank you ‘Le Signare’, Nancy & team for hosting us and accommodating our many needs!