“The Next Horizon will be deep integration of the physical and interactive worlds. 

The future of online is offline”

Cyriac Roeding –

This quote by Cyriac Roeding states the goal of this training. Away from our air-conditioning-office in Paramaribo and from our homely familiar surroundings in Moengo, participants and facilitators sail to the Surinamese jungle on the river Kwai Kwia island, Suriname. On the look for new horizons. Ready to ambush each other’s talents, a treasure hunt for new skills. For three days, Urban House Suriname took very talented young people of Moengo on board. A fur compagny with various artistic talents in different disciplines: poetry, theater, dance, and fashion design. These young people take  each year part in the Moengo Festival: http://kibiifoundation.org/moengo-festival/.

Why this discovery trip? The current generation of young people today have an excess of social media at their disposal to be in contact with friends and peers and to put to good use. Through the Career Support programme of Urban House Suriname, we use social applications in order to support young people in the development of leadership, communication and assertive skills. These skills have been identified by the participants of Moengo during our first meeting in 11 march 2017 as skills that can be developed to enhance their self-confidence and reveal their artistic abilities. Through social media we have interactive exercises, communication on social media and a platform for communication with our participants. A safe haven where they can inform and support each other, share ideas, practice their communication, collaborative leadership and assertive skills.

A big surprise for the people or organizations that have the discovery of Suriname high on their “TO DO LIST”. In a part of our Surinam rainforest we ‘are connected’, technical and in spirit. Get in the crow’s nest and watch the training in pictures!

  • Finished on:

      30 april 2017

  •   Project Categorie:

    Career Support

  •  Executed By:

    Urban House Suriname