Urban Healthy Day

Healthy day was an event for the discovery of Surinamese flavors, creativity, positivity and coming together. Our Partners for this healthy lifestyle event were Health Control N.V.,  Adekus Sports Agency & Stuurgroep Ontwikkeling Cassave sector Para.

Working with other organizations always has something beautiful, because you share and get “power heritage”.

Eating, drinking, measuring, testing, talking, moving, … verbs that can be linked to a healthy event. Now comes the question that anyone can imagine: To what extent do we use those verbs? Because too much or too little of every verb, is never good. But understanding what your mind and body need, is the essence!

Urban Healthy Day is not just about eating healthy or moving but it’s about balance. It is about testing, discovery and sharing. We hope to organize a second edition next year. Should you try to make it next year? Absolutely.