Who's that boy : Mudji Amatda

Name: Mudji Amatda

Talent: Stand- up Comedian

Question for a job interview; How did you get into Stand – up comedy?

Actually it runs in the family. Already in kindergarten, I tried to make children laugh in class and this passion I further developed. I find my inspiration also with my Grandfather (Doeglas Adjoeba). He was a comedian in Suriname.

Question for Citizenship

I live rather in a small village, but actually, I have two characters. When I am at home, I like silence and tranquility. Then I can read or just be myself. But in addition, I can also get around in the city.

What is your American Surinamese dream:

I am now member of the youth parlement for Marowijne (a district of Suriname), so I have a heart for the youth of Marowijne. But furthermore, I want my talent to develop further so I can make multiple people laugh and I want to give a positive message with my comedy. So: being an example to the young people of Suriname, in the positive sense. To show that anything is possible, but you should dare to take the challenge.