Who's that boy : Mudji Amatda

Name: Tifen Akobe

Talent: Designer

Question for a job interview; How did you become a clothing designer?

Officially I’m already two years engaged in design. I do fashion design and also recycle design. I recycle old stuff into a new attractive creation. For example my first collection I made from old hammocks, which I have transformed into high fashion dresses. My inspiration and my talent is co-inspired by my parents who also design. My father does tembe art sculpting (tembe is art from Maroon culture including painting, sculpture and sewing). My mother designs pangi’s (Pangi is the name used by in the Maroon for a kind of cloth, and also for a wrap that can be made from this cloth). She embroiders this with tembe art motifs.

Question for Citizenship:

I choose a quiet place for living because I do not like too much fuzz and at the same time, I need a place where I can focus and concentrate on my designs.

What is your American Suriname dream:

I would like to go international with my designs. I also want to encourage young people. My message is “If you are small, you can still grow into something great, use what you have”! My slogan is “from nothing to something, you can turn everything around you if you believe in it.